May 30, 2006

Pondering fish
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Here goes nothing. . .Went out to Sushi with the former evangelist (who's busy with this) after work yesterday (though his wife thinks that Dice is the name of new girly club). Though I didn't have the heart to tell him, I was in the mood for some Chinese food, but we went for Sushi at Roppongi Hills instead. I observed somewhere that development in short cycles was kind of like revolving sushi (kaiten sushi, where the dishes come on a conveyor belt). Sometimes you don't get that dish you wanted and the next time it comes around it's all dried up. I could of blogged about the good looking foreign couple with the beautiful white woman and the South Asian looking man. We ran into them before sushi, where the woman was crying silently and the man looked on helpless. They were right behind us at the Coldstone Creamery we went after the fish. The former evangelist started theorizing that people who at ice cream at the Creamery were turned into happy people. The couple blew his theory to bits. . .we didn't see them speak a word or even a hint of a smile. As S. Craig Johnson used to say,"you've gotta show her that she's special."

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話題も特にないのでこれで行きます。最近はこれで忙しいもとエバンジェリストと寿司ディナー。奥方様はダイスって新しいキャバクラだと思っているらしいが、それは多分違う 本当は中華食べたかったのだが、それも言えなくて、六本木ヒルズのメトロハットの地下で回転寿し2週間などの短い周期の開発と言うのは回転寿しみたいだね、と僕が発言した。ネタをとり遅れると次回回ってくる頃にはもう乾いている。だからどうした?いや、ただ例えたかっただけで。ブログのネタとして、六本木ヒルズで見かけた美形外国人カップルもあったけど。美しい白人の女性に南アジア系の男性。寿司を食べる前に見かけたときに、女性は静かに涙流していて、男性は無力さがあふれていた顔をしていた。そのあとコールドストンでアイスクリームを食べにいった、元エバンジェリストは「ここのアイスを食べる人は笑顔になるんだ!」と仮説を大声でたてはじめていたから。周りをみたらすぐ後ろにそのカップルが並んでいて。まだ無口、結局仮説は仮説に終わり、会話も笑顔もなくアイスクリームを食べて二人はきえていった。うーむ、なぜか充実感があった一日。

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