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June 15, 2006

Cat scan
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I didn't get around to blogging this. . .maybe I felt it was too monumentous that I needed to find the right time. Right now, I should sleep, but I'm writing this instead. I went to the hospital and got the results of my blood test and CAT scan. I was reminded that I was had hayfever, and that I have it real bad. . .don't know why I forgot that. I was also told something that I already kind of knew. . .my left sinus is blocked (try figuring out which side is left and which is right in the CAT scan). I was given four kinds of drugs (three in the morning, one in the evening), that'll hopefully clear the inflammation, gonna try them out for a couple of months and go back to see the doctor in August. I've almost forgotten to drink the evening pills (which are key) for six days straight now. . .I have swallowed them though. . .it's not a painful condition to have, but I really have felt kind of out of balance for a while now. . .and this might be it.

先週病院にいって診断の結果を教えられた。そういえば. . .僕花粉症だった. . .忘れていた. . . はい、本気です。それで、CATスキャンだけど、塞がっていますねー見事に(左側が、写真見て混乱しないでください)。で、お医者さんに2ヶ月分の薬を処方された。朝に3種類、夜に1種類、夜の薬が重要らしい、大体2−4週間ぐらい続けて飲んでやっと効果が見えてくる。別に塞がって痛い事はないんだけど、ここずーっとなんか調子わるく感じているのはこれが原因だったら(そしてそれで治せたら)、嬉しいいいいい!!!

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