For real?&

August 16, 2006

For real?  AOL has gotten a judge's order to dig up the backyard of a spammer's parents in search of platinum and gold bars that they believe he hid there before running away to. . .somewhere.

<p>AOL said Tuesday it intends to search for gold and platinum bars the company suspects are hidden near the home of Davis Wolfgang Hawke's parents on two acres in Medfield, Massachusetts. The family said it will fight in court to oppose AOL's plans.</p><p>AOL won a $12.8 million judgment last year in U.S. District Court in Virginia against Hawke but has been unable to contact Hawke to collect any of the money he was ordered to pay. AOL accused Hawke of violating federal and state anti-spam laws by sending unwanted e-mails to its subscribers and won its case in a default judgment against Hawke, who didn't show up in court.</p>
I've been looking for good hard interesting news lately to no avail. . .thank god for AOL for going out and making news just for me.  Now. . .now, I can sleep.

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