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September 6, 2008

I've been wandering into and "working" in various coffee shops and cafes around the neighborhoods these days. Mostly Tully's and Starbucks where I know what I'm going to get, so I just wander in and order with no surprises.  I know which Starbucks allow you to hook your laptop up and which don't (most don't) and the same with Tully's (most do).  Most of the Tully's stores have Hotspot connections where Starbucks doesn't (but I have an emobile card anyway).<div>
</div><div>They're mostly the same though up to the one thing that slightly aggravates me about both places.  As many other similar places in Japan the trash receptacles allow you to separate paper from plastic, dump unfinished drinks and food in a different bin, etc.  But, as soon as you approach the trash area, the baristas will insist that you leave your trash as is and let them separate and toss.  Suppose the baristas are trying to be polite, kind. . . but, I really do want to prove myself.</div>

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