Go Figure. . .Mccain Edition

September 1, 2008

The Republicans have their first female VP candidate ever.
<ol><li>She's supposed to help attract the female Hillary Clinton supporters.</li><li>Her political beliefs are almost the complete opposite of what Hillary believes in.</li><li>But, that's ok since she'll help bring in the religious right.</li><li>While governing a state is probably a lot more "real" experience than working in Congress, is twenty plus months of experience (and whatever time spent at VP) what Americans would want for someone that could quite possibly be the POTUS if anything were to happen to John McCain?
</li></ol>Not much of an observation or a thought, but there are plenty of Americans that are uncomfortable voting for Obama based on his race. The flipside of that is that there should be plenty of voters that would vote for Palin based on her gender? I would think that there were better Republican candidates out there. . .not that I can vote anyway.

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