BBC on Japan

November 6, 2008

BBC has a write up on Japan that pretty much reflects how I think things are in Japan right now with regards to nationalists, WWII history and pacifism.

<blockquote>No Japanese administration, including Mr Aso's, has questioned a landmark 1995 official statement which said that through its colonial rule and aggression, Japan had inflicted tremendous damage and suffering on Asian and other countries. Formally a pacifist nation under its American-written constitution, Japan is also at heart a passionately pacifist society - sometimes startlingly so. People here can be heard wishing for world peace in a tone that to Western ears might carry a touch of naivety, like a leaf torn from the book of beauty pageant contestants.
I've had friends who just can't seem to understand why the Japanese would want to be pacifist, but I do believe it's true, most Japanese prefer no conflict (with guns).  Now if Japan would just get out of it's shell and try to share ways to resolve conflicts or disputes without force, that would be just fine.

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