The Winger Entry

January 19, 2009

Had a series of conversations with friends about Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and they were some exciting conversationskaraoke.  Somewhere in the conversation a brief topic about Winger, the band.  At some point someone stated,"I'd read that, an article about Winger."

80年代のハードロック・ヘビメタでちょっとだけ盛り上がる会話が最近多いkaraoke。その会話の中で、少しだけWingerが話題になり、「Wingerについて書けたら、そりゃ絶対に読むよ」。 ま、正確には、ヘビメタ、ハードロックに関するブログなら読むって事なんだけど。

Then. . .long story short, I had nothing to write about Winger, nothing at all.  I never really knew the band except that the bass player/vocalist was Kip Winger.  I was battered, beaten, bruised, torn. . .upon informing my quest sponsor, I was told,"There wasn't much to write about with them anyway.  I looked at one of their videos on Youtube it looked like a toothpaste commercial."

で、結果から言うと、書けない、Wingerなんて知らなかった、ベース兼ボーカルの名前がKip Wingerだと知っているけど。敗戦後にスポンサーに報告した際の返事が「まー、元々内容の薄いバンドだから。改めてPV見ると歯磨き粉のCMみたいだ。」。

I did find this wonderful nugget from Kip Winger though,"Our band was known to musicians, and a lot of musicians showed up to see me play - watching trying to figure out how I'm playing - we were like the 'hair band' [version of] Dream Theater – That is why it's the great irony that we ended up on that geeky guy's shirt on Beavis & Butthead, because Metallica couldn't play what we play, they couldn't do it, they literally - technically couldn't do it. And I'll fucking challenge those chumps to that any day of the week, but we could play their music with our hands tied behind our back. And so, I was a little t'd off about that, but in the end, none of that shit matters…"

That's why Winger doesn't register. . .they're music was too good for me.

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