Post Season aftermath

February 5, 2007

Just got done "watching" the Superbowl via NFL Gamecast, I would have preferred watching the real thing, but Monday == work.  Don't want to spoil it for anyone, so the results of the game will remain a secret.

This time last year, I was watching my Seahawks play the Steelers and lose (though Seattle fans still believe that the officials took the game away from them) with Ted.  I was chatting with Ted during the game and we both concluded that it hurts more for your team to make the Superbowl and lose than for your team not to make the Superbowl.  Indeed I was in great pain last year.

In a related subject, I find that it hurts more when your team makes the playoffs and loses than not make the playoff at all.  For baseball, anything can happen in the post season, so I usually find myself believeing and then having my dreams shattered.

In basketball not making the post season can if even by the slimmest of margins can in fact hold your dreams over for a couple of months because of the draft lottery.  Though the only time the Sonics got lucky was when they got Gary Payton with the #2 pick (#1 was Derrick Coleman).  I've already blogged numerous times of the pain of being a Seattle sports fan, so I won't get into the details.

Here's the next question though, can I?  Oh, can I allow myself to look forward to the baseball season?

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