No more Seattle

August 3, 2007

So Clay Bennett, the Oklahoma based owner of the Sonics never planned to keep the Sonics in Seattle.  Why am I not surprised?

<p>If it wasn't clear before, Clay Bennett sent a sharp message Thursday. The Sonics' majority owner is not interested in discussing KeyArena as an option as the team's long-term home in Seattle.</p>

And in an equally curt response, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels indicated there's no point in the two sides meeting if Bennett is interested only in negotiating out of his KeyArena lease.

Things were all going downhill since Howard Schultz was owner.  Of course as his last act as owner, he had to sell the team to businessmen from Oklahoma City, a city starving for a major professional sport franchise.  And just to make sure that the Sonics won't stay in Seattle, the NBA approved an ownership with two owners that have made their anti-gay feelings clear by contributing money to anti-gay groups.  The pain. . .

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