NFL 1998 vs 2008 QB's

September 27, 2008

Dr. Z compares the NFL quarterbacks this year for each team to the quarterbacks twenty years ago.  I was expecting Matt Hasselbeck to get the nod over Dave Krieg, but Dave Krieg it is.  Between Dave Krieg's last game at QB and Matt Hasselbeck taking over as the starter lies a revolving door of bad quarterbacks (except for a couple years of Warren Moon at the end of his career).  Rick Mirer, Jeff Kemp, Kelly Stouffer Dan McGwire, Stan Gelbaugh.

<blockquote><p>Seattle Seahawks
Dave Krieg vs. Matt Hasselbeck

  1. Very sorry, but I'm a Krieg man. The way he worked a game, that meticulous style of his, the accuracy … people forget how accurate he was. I don't forget. I don't forget anything, actually.</p></blockquote>

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