Is Globalization About to go Dark?

April 21, 2005

I don't want all the 'moosers out there thinking that I believe the end is near, but things sure aren't looking good for globalization. After reading Dice's latest posts on strained Chinese/Japanese relations and about DLS's recent experience with anti-foreign sentiment in Mongolia, this seems to be a good time to have this discussion. As I commented to DLS, globalization is both bridging nations together and tearing them apart. The question I pose is what fills the vacuum if globalization goes dark? At this point it seems like increased nationalism and jingoism will rise to the fore. This recent piece in Foreign Affairs (which Kunstler lead me to today) gives us some historical perspective about the last time distance was supposedly "annihillated." Their web site only gives you the introduction, but it is enough to spark some conversation I think. I've gotten the rest digitally from the library and can send anyone who wants it the full text.

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