A pie in the face

April 1, 2005

This was sent to me this morning by intrepid EC alum and current visiting instructor Prof. M. Smitty. Yes, Earlham College is in the news for assaulting conservative pundit William Kristol with what sounds like a very serious pie. This is becoming a trend: I don't think the students took too well to Ann Coulter a few years back either, although the audience was very respectful to Senator Dick Lugar when I was visiting in Fall 2002, but that could have just been because of all the big men in suits with things in their ears stationed at all the exits of Goddard Auditorium. That said, I have to give Kristol props for continuing, but I hardly think the offending student should be disciplined too severely. It will be interesting to keep tabs on this in the Earlham Word (not shockingly, this news has not yet hit the "Earlham News Player" on EC's homepage).

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