The Legend of the Lock In Lives On

April 6, 2005

I went over to EC this past Sunday to hang out with Prof. M. Smitty and Ecologist Extraordinaire J. "The Greek Peak" Karnezis, who was in the Rose City to watch his little sister play her cello in a concert on campus (fully clothed and in a non-muscle pose by the way). Thankfully the previous evenings' concert had gone off without any pie throwing, although the campus is mired in controversy about the now famous incident. Thank goodness the Pope died and took over the headlines or I was going to have to think about altering my resume. In any case, The Word has all the skinny on what went down (great pic too) and how it is all being argued about now.

But to get to the heart of this post, Smitty lives 'round the corner from Reese House, the site of another, and perhaps more insidious, prank perpetrated by members of this online community and some of its more or less devout followers. We saw some students in the backyard spray painting furniture and decided to go over to the house and see if the evidence of this brilliant attack was still intact after eight years. To our surprise, and to a certain degree the horror of the house’s current residents, L-brackets are still in place on some downstairs windows (some have even been painted over by maintenance) and you can still see the screw holes on the front door and doorframe quite well. We walked away feeling pretty good about ourselves and with the knowledge that it is quite possible that one day we will be able to show this to our children.

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