I likes me some beef

December 22, 2005

I was thumbing through an old Gourmet mag looking for my brunch-tastic eggs in crispy ham baskets recipe last weekend when I came across a nice beef short ribs recipe that would be perfect for linner (that's the meal that comes after brunch, because brunch gets my eating schedule all screwed up). Oh, beef short ribs, they are tasty. So I went down to my butcher who raises some mean cattle up near the source for Miyakita Tofu Factory's Honda White Pearl Soybeans to buy some beef short ribs. His short ribs looked kind of big, and a bit fatty, so after some discussion he recommended the Beef Flanken Ribs. These ribs are often used in Asian preparations and are just below the English Roast, so the meat is more tasty and less fatty. They were still nicely marbled however:
[img_assist|fid=136|thumb=1|alt=flanken ribs]

I seared those bad boys off, tossed in a half dozen whole shallots and simmered it all in a reduced red wine/beef broth combo until they were tender as a lotus blossom (about 2 hours). Great beef flavor. Yes, those are purple potatoes.
[img_assist|fid=138|thumb=1|alt=flanken ribs after]

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