A Tasty Bite

January 29, 2006

The chip world needed something new. Why? Because 3-D Dorito Chips weren’t cutting it. And because Terra Chips are so, well, yesterday (who am I fooling, they were never good, today or yesterday). Rap Snacks? You’re all image and no substance, public service messages aside. And Krunchers, true they are the best of the Kettle Khip Krowd, but aren’t quite the same since they got bought out by The Man.

Turns out we needed to get global up in this piece to break out of our collective chip malaise. Enter Trader Joe’s Papadum Tandoori Masala Chips. Yeah, I said it. P-A-P-A-D-U-M T-A-N-D-O-O-R-I M-A-S-A-L-A Chips.

I loves to make me some papadums at home when I grill up at little tandoori chicken. TJ saves me the time by putting my two favorite Indian foods on the same crispy wafer. Ah, the sweet, tangy, spiciness of tandoori together with the light, crunchy loveliness of the papadum. Who knew the two of you would perform so well as a chip? And if you wanna get yo’ dip on never fear, my friends. Simply make some raita and you will find yourself in the first class compartment of the flavor express bound non-stop for Delhi.

Driving back from TJ’s C cracked the bag open, and upon first olafactory contact I knew they we had discovered something special. They tasted so mighty fine I wanted to roll down the window and introduce my traffic-mates to what’s new in chips. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that I was not walking home instead. How I would have enjoyed bumping into a neighbor or a good friend and sharing my newfound chip booty! They are that good people. Get out there and get some already.

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