Chingis and Tonic

January 29, 2006

I finally broke open the Mongolian Vodka, named after Chingis Khan’s grandson if I remember correctly, that Dan gave me when he was “in country” in November. I don’t know why it took so long, perhaps it was because I was having too much fun looking at the awesome bottle. Maybe it was because it was distilled from wheat not potatoes. Or perhaps because the only Vodka drink I know how to make, or have the bar to make, is a Vodka tonic (sorry Mongols, I ain’t drinking it neat) and it is wintertime and all.

But it was warm last night, and I spotted some great serving-size cans of Hansen’s tonic water at Trader Joe’s and was inspired. My, it was refreshing. The Vodka, she smelled strong, and packed a mean punch. C wouldn’t even take a sniff for fear of damaging our unborn child. But I digress. It was mighty tasty and quite smooth. The perfect cocktail. Thanks, Dan. I tip a Vodka tonic in your general direction!

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