Pesto Pasta

May 7, 2006

4 o'clock and 34 minutes in the morning and I have this craving for pesto pasta.  Haven't seen the word pesto used in Japan, the sauce seems to be called "basil sauce" and the pasta is called Pasta Genovese or Pizza Genovese if its Pizza.  Um, right, yeah, so I feel like eating pesto pasta.  I have a Suribachi but, making pesto with this is kind of a pain (though I guess pesto and pestle come from the same word, so I should use it), but wouldn't it be easier if I just had one of these?  Anyway, hunger for pesto has given me insight into why I waste money.

朝4時半、パスタ・ジェノベーゼが食べたい。日本ではジェノベーゼとよんでいるのは、アメリカに済んでいる頃はpesto・ペストと聞きなじんでいた。すり鉢あるし、自分で作るべきなんだろうけど、こういうのが欲しくなってしまう。こうやってお金の無駄遣いがおきるんだろうね。そんなに使わないだろうし. . .

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