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May 14, 2006

Post Allnighter at SAKK
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I'm supposed to have a 0930 conf call (video call no less, pretty cool stuff) at the old office every Thursday, and since this was the first time in a few weeks the call was actually being held, I didn't want to belate and somehow ended up being around the office at 0830.

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Not expecting anyone to be at the office, I hung out at Starbucks for about fourty five minutes (I was trying to convince a barista there that I was actually boycotting Starbucks, but she figured I was full of shit). When I finally went to the office, there were plenty of people already there. . .oh yeah, there was a mail about an allnighter by the TP team.

After work on Friday I biked off to Kaminoge (neighborhood where I grew up) to get my hair cut, I don’t really feel like explaining how I want my hair cut the upscale stylists in central Tokyo and would rather go a bit further out for someone who knows how my hair sticks out in all directions. As usual, I went by Koryu after my haircut. I daresay Koryu has the BEST gyoza in Japan. Anyone wanna go?



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