GitHub Japan Tour 2013

November 23, 2013

Spent the Nov 15th and then Nov 17th through the 23rd traveling around Japan with John Britton and Matthew McCullough of GitHub as they gave talks about Git and GitHub. 11月の15日と17日から23日までGitHubのJohn BrittonとMatthew McCulloughが行ったGtとGitHubのクラスのサポートのために久しぶりの国内旅行をした。

The days, cities, organizers, and talks were as follows.日程は次の通り。

Day Location Organizer/Venue Talk
Friday Tokyo Yahoo! JAPAN Git Internals
Saturday Tokyo Amazon Japan Git Foundations
Sunday Nagoya Yahoo! JAPAN and A-team Git Internals
Monday Fukuoka Nulab and FRAC Git Foundations
Tuesday Kyoto Muraoka-san and Kyoto Research Park Git Internals
Wednesday Kobe Space Alpha Sannomiya Git Foundations and GitHub Ops
Thursday Osaka Yahoo! JAPAN Git Foundations and GitHub Ops
Friday Kyoto Hatena Git Foundations and GitHub Ops

I couldn’t make the second of their two talks in Tokyo due to a prior commitment but joined them as they traveled around Japan.アマゾンでのトークには参加出来なかったけど残りは参加。

It was a busy week for sure but a lot of fun as well. And interpreting the talks also meant that I had to learn the material that they were covering. I’m not expert but I definitely know more about Git and especially the internals now.忙しかったけど、おかげでGitについていっぱい勉強が出来た事もあって楽しかった。

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