Birds, birds everywhere

May 9, 2005

Intrepid birder and biologist extraordinare Prof. M. Smitty took us birding yesterday morning simultaneously renewing our faith in the power of nature and cleansing our minds of clutter. I can't remember exactly which warbler Smitty was looking for here in this pic below (admittedly, I was not the best student), but this site is pretty unique because it is one of the last remaining stands of Pumpkin Ash in Ohio and a fine example of a swamp forest.
[img_assist|fid=56|thumb=1|alt=bird botherers|caption=C and M. Smitty search high and low for some elusive warbler. Perhaps it was an ovenbird.]
Not too far from here we also saw a hummingbird nest where mama was feeding its young insects. To say that the nest was amazingly small is a vast understatement. Thanks to Smitty's keen ears an eyes we saw an impressive list of birds (many of which I've never seen) including cerulean and prothonotary warblers, scarlet and summer tanangers, blue-grey gnatcatchers, great crested flycatchers, migrating shore birds like yellow legs and sand pipers, a broadwing hawk, and many, many others. It was a relaxing day. To cap off the bird themed day, we retired to bdubs to eat, what else, chicken wings. Well, I ate fingers. While Smitty is departing his visiting post at EC, we look forward to learning about the retired birds down in Florida some day.
[img_assist|fid=58|thumb=1|alt=Birding is hard work|caption=We had to take a break, birding is hard work.]

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