Down in the hills

July 5, 2005

Who woulda thought there were hills in Ohio? I know the Appalachians aren't that far away, but just an hour south of town in the Hocking Hills there is some pretty cool rock formations and caves and such. Why we've never been down there in the past 2 years I'll never know, but we sure had fun walking around down there this weekend. Saturday was great, 80s but no humidity, a true bonus in July. Checked out Cantler Cliffs and Conckles Hollow. Ironically we spent out time at Cantler Cliffs down in the hollow and our walk at Conckles Hollow was up along the rim trail 200 feet above the gorge floor. The cool thing about Conckles was that we were at the canopy level of the trees in the gorge so we saw some cool birds that are usually tougher to spot this time of year like the scarlet tananger. Prof. Smitty will also be glad to know that we finally did spot an ovenbird. Anyway, here's a shot of Cantler Cliffs, seems like it'd be a good place to hide some jewels or other booty...
[img_assist|fid=101|thumb=1|alt=cantler|caption=down in the hollow]

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