Saving the Moose

April 11, 2005

In news that is undoubtedly important to all that visit this site, engineers in New England are working on ways to save moose that wander into roads.

Moose, unlike deer and bear, are reluctant to use some of the new protective alternatives such as animal underpasses fashioned out of giant culverts, said Bill Ruediger, recently retired head of the U.S. Forest Service's highway ecology program. </p>

In a typical collision, the car hits the animal's legs, causing the moose to crash down through the windshield, crushing the roof, and landing in the passenger compartment.

One in every 75 people who hit a moose is killed compared to one in 5,000 who hit a deer, said Bill Woytek, moose and deer project leader for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. </b>

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