Ohio Community debating Casinos

June 15, 2005

This really isn't that interesting as news stories go, the city of Monroe, Ohio is debating whether or not to bring a casino into the local economy. The story really hit home when I realized that for all these years, I had been missing two out of the three parts of the iron triange (well, the whole triangle lately).

The proposal has provoked the ire of the Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values, whose president, Phil Burress, led the successful campaign last year to ban gay marriage in Ohio. Burress lives just a few miles south of Monroe.</p>

"Just scratch off the first layer of paint from casinos, and you'll see they're not good for communities," Burress said. "This will complete the iron triangle--gambling, sex and drugs. You can't have one without the other two." </strong>

I can't figure out how these folks manage to procreate if they are so opposed to any corner of the iron triangle.

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