Disneyland HongKong

September 14, 2005

As some of you know, Disney has opened their Hong Kong theme park. Hopes are high at the theme park,and hopefully things will work out and bring good things to Hong Kong.

Then there was this article from Yahoo! Japan. Apparently there is a lot of frustration on the side of visitors with regards to the long lines in the park. For instance, lining up for an hour or two to ride on Space Mountain which is about four minutes long. Which is really puzzling. According to a news report from a mainland Chinese news source, there are other "uncouth" and "uncivilized" actions from mainland Chinese tourists that is proving to ruin the fun.

The weather at the park has been too good (too sunny) and some folks have taken to to sitting down on the sides of paths or inside shops, with some taking of their shirts. There isn't much shade in the park and with the restaraunts being crowded, it seems that the shops were the best place to avoid the shade.

In front of the big castle, one boy had to go, so he did, and then was running around without his pants on. According to his mother, he had to go, so he went.

Other kinds of actions observed were, smoking even though the park is a no-smoking zone, lying down and taking a nap where ever and stripping when ever.

Not really surprised by this kind of behavior, especially after living on the mainland for a couple of years (though in all fairness, the article also states that the Hong Kong tourists also engaged in similar activities). I still can't forget when a little boy had to go in a crowded train and went.

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