Sino-Tibetan Rail link complete

October 18, 2005

The Chinese have completed the Sino-Tibetan rail link creating the world's highest railroad.

China has announced the completion of the first railway line to Tibet - one of the world's highest train routes.</p>

The pan-Himalayan line climbs 5,072m (16,640ft) above sea level and runs across Tibet's snow-covered plateau - dubbed the roof of the world. </strong>

The rail line already faces threats and is criticized as being another way to ship Chinese into Tibet.

``By 2050, safe operation of the Qinghai-Tibet railway will be affected if temperatures keep rising steadily as observed over past decades,'' Luo Yong, deputy director of the National Climate Center, was quoted as saying.</p>

Winter and summer temperatures on the Tibetan plateau could jump as much as 3.4 degrees Celsius by 2050, causing normally frozen ground under the rail line to melt, the China Daily said. Many climatologists consider the plateau a ``magnifier'' of global climate change and an indicator of warming trends across East Asia, it said.</strong>

So, say take a trip next July? Who's up? Though, I can settle with just hanging out in Yunnan.

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