White Collar Drunks

November 11, 2005

I was in DC, well Alexandria really, for a conference last week and Friday night I met up with my sister for a burrito at Union Station before heading over to Arlington to meet up with some high school folks for a few drinks. It was great to see my peeps and I could write about that, but since I have a passion for the mundane, I will relate this story instead:

On my way back to the hotel, the Metro was full of professional folks returning from happy hour outings...some happy, some way too happy, some belligerent and some, well, sick. As I was taking the escalator down to the platform I heard this drunk woman talking to a metro employee, and as I got closer I noticed that the metro employee had just finished cleaning up after the drunk woman, if you get my drift. As I got closer still, I was able to tune into the embarrassing conversation:

drunk woman (in slurred speech): "I'm really, really, sorry about this I mean, part of me, part of me, is like, 'Well, I feel really bad about making you clean up after me.' You know what I'm saying? I mean..."
metro employee: "Ma'am don't worry about me, just get yourself home, ok?"
drunk woman (finishing her "thought"): "...and then the other part of me, is like, well, it's your job to clean stuff up, so..."

Some people can't leave well enough alone...

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