Gimme Fiction

December 11, 2005

Well, this is actually non-fiction. Went to see Spoon last night with a crew of office mates (and mate-ettes) and fellow ECer B. "Big Man" Warren. It was a very tight show, their drummer really knows how to lick those skins. You'd swear there was a drum machine up there the licks are so sharp, but no, it's all the kit. So after the show we all amble down to the newest bar in my 'hood called the Surly Girl order up some drinks and put money in the juke box for songs we'll never hear and who do we run into? The band of course. As the lead singer went by on his way back from the bathroom I told him good show, and he kinda grumbled and shrugged in my general direction. Ok, that's cool, he's the anti-social socially awkward type. Or he hates people like me. I can dig it. But I figured I'd give the man some props since he just gave us an evening of good rock n' roll. It's not like I told him the band's latest album is their safest yet. In any case let's just say that as I stumbled out of the crowded bar on my way home I didn't really feel too badly about the fact that I accidently (or was it?) stepped on his foot...

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