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April 18, 2005

More news from CNN here and here. More protests over the weekend, one in Shanghai no less, sigh.

CNN has a timeline of the history of trouble between China and Japan, at least for the last 110 years.

The security detail around the Chinese Embassy was a lot larger than usual, there were even more riot cops than last week. I went up to one of them this morning and asked a couple of questions and then went on with my commute. One of the cops was staring at the paper bag with my breakfast in it, I wonder if he was real hungry or if he thought I had rocks in the bag.

Meanwhile the Japanese Foreign Minister heads to China and warns China of "economic consequences.

Just to clarify things (and this probably does not matter), but the textbooks that were approved that played down what Japan did during World War II are not the standard textbooks being used in schools across Japan. Schools must chose textbooks from the list of textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education, the controversial textbooks have been adopted by only a couple of schools.

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