Go Figure...

February 21, 2006

Just picked up the latest copy of Harper's and these items from the Index jumped out at me:
+ Number of copies sold in Japan since last summer of a comic book about the worthlessness of China: 180,000
+ Number of copies sold of a similar comic book about Korea: 370,000
+ Chances that a Japanese person will make eye contact during conversation with another Japanese person: 2 in 5
+ Chances that he or she will make eye contact during conversation with a robot: 3 in 5

From this I can only surmise that Japanese people won't look each other in the eye when they talk about their culture's jingoist tendencies. And that Japanese dislike the Koreans doubly more than they dislike the Chinese. And something about robots or technology, from which I can't quite draw any firm conclusions, except maybe to say that perhaps Japanese people trust technology more than real people, but I can't be for sure.

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