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August 21, 2005

Well the one vehicle days are over. We made it last 7 years, but the time had come to get another car. C and I gave in after trying to find a used Protege5 that was in good shape and bought a new '05 Mazda3 5-door. It's a pretty sweet ride (yup those are 17-inch alloys) and has a bit more giddy-up than the truck.

It is truly a world-car...built in Hiroshima, Japan...Volvo designed the chassis and safety features (8 airbags total)...Ford Europe did the suspension...and Mazda tweaked the drivetrain (2.3L 4 that makes 160hp). Buying a car is never very fun and I'm sure I could have driven a harder deal, but I have to admit I like the outcome. It's just too bad it is mostly C's car!
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