Fun with Windows

August 28, 2005

So. . .I got tired of waiting for Apple to release a sub-notebook (a laptop between 2 and 3 pounds) and bought a Sony PCG-SRX3/BD at Yahoo! auctions, it weighs around 1.2kg, it has a Celeron 600Mhz in it and it tops out at 256MB, but it does have WLAN in it and the HDD is 60GB, it also came with a CD-R/RW/DVD drive to connect via firewire. I used to have a better model of the same laptop (right before I got my iBook), it had a 900MHz mobile PIII in it, but gave that to my brother. So. . .this laptop will be my carry around laptop until Apple (finally) comes out with a sub-notebook.

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