Sonics win playoff game

April 25, 2005

Really, it seems like this is the first time since never, but the Sonics beat the Kings on Saturday, which means they need three more wins in six games to go to the next round. And, I am pretty freaking skeptical, I found the perfect article that summed up my feelings.

I never understood the media race to bury the Sonics this season -- since Rashard Lewis was their most indispensable player (not Ray Allen), why was anyone surprised when they went into the tank without him this month? Even their fans are confused and wary. When I asked senior editor (and die-hard Seattle fan) Kevin Jackson for his pick, KJ first said, "We're gonna lose," then amended that to, "actually, Peja's hurt, we might win," to "yeah, screw it, we have a good chance to win, and coming from a Seattle fan, that's as positive a response as you will ever get."

Really, I feel the same, the last time I had a real good vibe about the Sonics was when the 1993 playoffs, that ended from the took it up the behind from the NBA refs in Game 7 against Phoenix in Phoenix. The Suns got sixty something free throws and the Sonics got. . .maybe more than a dozen. I didn't even have much hope in me when they made it all the way to the Finals against the Bulls, but then they were wearing those god awful unis.

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