Lebron James wants to play for Mr. Sonic

April 29, 2005

Say what you will about second year NBA star Lebron James, but don't miss the fact that the man has good taste in coaches. Lebron James has supposedly expressed a desire to play for Mr. Sonic, Nate McMillan the current coach of the Sonics.

The Sonics expressed a desire two weeks ago to re-sign their coach. However, McMillan's agent, Lonnie Cooper, told the team that they want to assess the situation after the playoffs and possibly begin negotiations at that point.</p>

With James — who is poised to become the NBA's next megastar — pushing for McMillan and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert reportedly willing to pay as much as $10 million a year, the cash-strapped Sonics might be hard-pressed to retain their coach. </strong>

If Nate does move on, I hope the Sonics give Dwayne Casey a chance to coach the squad. Casey has been a member of the Sonics coaching staff for a while now, a staff that includes this guy.

The unheralded Reggie Evans of this five-man group is the video coordinator. Rock sits in the bottom of KeyArena with his Apple computers attached to numerous TV sets. Before each coach leaves the arena, he receives a time-coded copy of the game with a description of each play.</p>

If a coach wants to dissect an opponent's pick-and-roll defense, Rock will provide a DVD of just pick-and-roll defense. If they want to isolate one player, Rock prepares that DVD.</strong>

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