Earlhamite playing pro-ball in Japan

May 16, 2005

So, I was looking at some JBL pages, (the tall red haired guy, Derek, in this pict plays in the JBL), and was looking at the home pages of a team that Derek had played against (and apparently played well against) in the season. My spider sense got all tingly and I ran into this page. An Earlham alumni playing kinda pro ball in Japan. Long live EC.

Nathan Stoops is listed as a 190cm power forward, but he is on the JBL div 2 leaderboard. He was also selected for the First Team for the Second Division.
Third in scoring with 17.47 pts per game
Fourth in rebounding with 9.87 boards per game.
Fifth in Field goal percentage making 54.35% of his field goals.
Third in Three Point Percentage with 42.19% of his three pointers.
Seventh in Steals with 1.40 steals a game.
Eight in Blocks with 0.6 blocks a game.
Fourth in Dunks with 0.13 a game.

A white guy that can shoot and board, must be from Indiana.

I found more information at the Earlham website.

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