Stern Words

April 14, 2006

David Stern thinks that Seattle does not want the NBA in the city.


"… They're not interested in having the NBA there. … we understand that there are competing issues, and the mayor is free to make whatever decisions he needs to make and I support that. But that's a pretty strong signal and I think that the existing ownership has said they don't want to own a team that's not in Seattle, so I know what they're in the process of doing. " No, No and No. . .Seattle does want the Sonics to stay, they do think the lease sucks. . .we just all don’t like Howard Schultz (owner of the Sonics and Starbucks). Perhaps I’ll stop drinking at Starbucks again.

違う、間違っている、シアトルはソニックスに残って欲しいと思っている、アリーナの契約もひどいと思っている、ただ、ハワード・シュルツが嫌いなだけだ(ソニックスとスターバックスのオーナー)。またスタバのボイコット始めようかな. . .

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