2500 hits

June 8, 2006

Ichiro has now hit for 2500 hits combined between Japan and the US. The only other person to have hit 2500 hits by the age of 32 was Ty Cobb. I'm assuming that his JP hits will be recognized by the Hall of Fame if not MLB. Here goes:

  1. Ichiro won the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year, though some writers called foul because he had already been a pro in Japan. I won't go back there. . .at least for today
  2. Writers vote folks into the HoF, so assuming Ichiro keeps up his current production and meets eligility standards (I think it's nine years in the majors, I'm to lazy to count, so this year and three more), his combined US and JP stats should make a pretty solid case for making the Baseball HoF. He should also have more than 2000 hits in the majors at that point (again assuming he keeps it up). Though if you look at Nomo's combined US/JP numbers, they are pretty striking.

Yeah, you know your team is playing pretty uneven or bad when a vote to be made in about two World Cups from now is your most exciting baseball thought. Speaking of which, when Alvin Davis going to get the call? The assumption is that Edgar Martinez WILL get in, right?


  1. イチローはジャッキー・ロビンソン最優秀新人賞を受賞したけど、その時に投票していた野球記者の中には日本でプロだったから、新のルーキーじゃないと言っていた(野茂も同じ事言われた)。ま、それはおいといて(話せばながーいよ)。

  2. で、野球の殿堂入りはその同じ記者によって決められる事だから、イチローが対象になる基準を満たせば(確か、メジャー在籍9年間だから、今シーズン終わった時点で後3年)、日米の成績を両方あわせたものはかなりすばらしいものになっているはず。今のペースが続けば、メジャーだけでも通算2000本安打超えるし。


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