The Sports Guy is on my A-list

June 21, 2006

Not that he needed an endorsement from me but the Sports Guy is now on my "people I really don't know but love" list thanks to his latest column.  He's writing about the NBA Finals.

• Speaking of the refs, Game 5 of the Finals took its rightful place alongside Game 7 of the Seattle-Phoenix series in 1993, Game 6 of the Kings-Lakers series in 2002, Game 5 of the Knicks-Celtics series in 1973 and some of the other famous entries in the Pantheon of One-Sided Officiated Games. We're running some e-mails in a sidebar (look to the right), but you know it's bad when the owner of the losing team runs out onto the floor to stare down the commissioner after the game – the last time that happened at a sporting event, Vince McMahon was involved.

I remember watching that game at John Tighe's house with my brother and Fernando Fleitas the Spanish exchange student.  The latter two didn't even care about NBA basketball until the Sonics just started one of the more exciting runs in the NBA playoffs, until they got completely screwed by the refs in Game 7 in Phoenix.  I love how the Suns website has nothing about this.  This was the game where the Sonics got 63 or so fouls called against them against 17-19 fouls against the Suns.  I wish I was making this up, I'm not.  I've already blogged about this three or four times. . .so, I have not moved on.  I still believe that the Sonics losing in round 1 the next two years was due to some left over trauma from getting screwed by the NBA.


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