Japan is out

June 23, 2006

So, Japan lost to Brazil 4-1 and is out of the World Cup.  Besides getting three points scored on them at the end of their game against Australia (which was just a clusterfuck), I'd say that Japan played to there level.  When Japan is on, they play some really beautiful and interesting soccer, when they are off, they just look off.  Despite all the criticism, I'd say that Brazillian soccer legend Zico did about as much as anyone could have done with the Japanese team.  This is soccer not basketball, or baseball or football, and Zico spent the last four years trying to get the Japanese players to be more aware and responsible for their own actions during games.  I'd hope that Japan has come along in a good way because of this, though I suppose having them play an extremely structured game would have been interesting to watch also.  The Japanese press was pretty rough on the guy, but they were just barking out of their asses, I'm pretty impressed with what he's done, though I was kind of hoping for more emphasis on player development by the JFA.  Hopefully the next coach can pick up where Zico left off and then some more.


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