MSN and Search

May 2, 2005

Nothing really groundbreaking, but an interesting read nonetheless, here is part two of the search series that I mentioned yesterday.

Search is now big money and it also controls how people find what they are looking for on the net. Simple, right? Yes, but why would a company like amazon need to create their own search engine, perhaps it is scary to think that some other company is guiding how people get to your company.

Companies like MSN, Yahoo!, A9 and Google aren't simply concerned about creating "good" search results, they are also invested in creating and discovering new content to be searched. At a certain point, all search engines are going to be able to index most web pages on the web and server similarly relevant results as other search pages. By adding more content to the web and adding ways to search the unique content, search companies can add reasons for users to choose their search engine versus a different search engine. For example MSN allows Encarta searches, Google allows you to upload video to their site and search for video, and A9 ties in with the Amazon website. I kind of see parallels with Sony's push into the music and movies industry in the late 80's as they worked to produce both the hardware and the software (movies and music) played on the hardware.

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