May 30, 2005

MyWeb from Yahoo!. Yahoo!'s entry in the battle to personalize your web search experience. I've been using it for the last few weeks and it really is an intersesting way to assist in web searches. I'll think of a way to show the pages that I've saved to date.

Introducing My Web
* Save what you like to build your own personal web
o Search and browse the web, as you do today
o Save an exact copy of any page you like - from Yahoo! Toolbar or directly from your search results
o Save thousands of pages - anything you may want later
*"Re-find" pages instantly when you need them again
o Search My Web to find any of your saved pages
o Searching across full-text and your notes enables instant retrieval
o Turn on My Search History to quickly access past searches and visited results
*Share your personal web
o Create categories for your saved pages - travel, projects, events
o Share your favorites with friends and colleagues - via email, IM, and RSS (Yahoo! 360 coming soon)
*Better than bookmarks
o Save both an exact copy and a link - the content you save will always be there when you return
o Searchable - Organize as you wish, search for the rest
o Accessible anywhere, not just from your own computer
o Import your bookmarks to immediately experience the benefits of MyWeb

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