On laptops and being back in Japan

April 28, 2006

Evangelist versus Moose
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Back in Tokyo again, after going through San Francisco and Seattle, it was great meeting the Six Apart US folks and setting what I'll be working on and how for the next several months. Besides losing my wallet, the only huge bummer about the trip was my laptop. I was supposed to get a widescreen Z60t despite these great concerns about the now Lenovo Thinkpads (formerly IBM). Widescreen laptops are the way to go, the extra width actually helps a lot when working on multiple tasks. Unfortunately, Lenovo wasn't going to be able to deliver until the morning I was going to leave for the trip (they first said ten days, then a month, so it was an improvement) and we cancelled the order. With some help from a colleague, I picked up an X60. Despite the small screen, having a Core Duo was fun, and the laptop was nice and light. Unfortunately, the wireless connection kept on giving out for some reason, and after a day in the US, the laptop battery stopped recharging. So, I tried a lot of things even draining my battery down to 0%, so I didn't do any work on the plane ride back. But. . .nothing helped. Now, I'm back in Japan, I found out a way to keep the wireless from disconnecting and then suddenly after connecting to the power at work, the battery started recharging again. So, I guess Lenovo has now instituted some sort of weird region code connection that won't let me use it outside the US.

The picture. . .the former evangalist squaring off against a new team member for my dev team that I picked up in Seattle.

サンフランシスコとシアトルを見物して、東京に戻ってきた。US本社のチームメンバーとミーティングしてこの先数ヶ月の作業を確認。財布をなくしたのは困ったが、それ以外にもノートPCにも遊ばれた。もともとは元IBMで現在LenovoのThinkpad、ワイド画面のZ60tにするはずだったがLenovoの納品が出張当日の午前になることになった(最初10日間、その後1ヶ月といわれていたからまだマシだった)。オーダーをキャンセルしてこれもまたLenovo製品の X60をお店で購入した。画面は小さいが、コアデュオは楽しいし、出張に行くなら軽い方が良かった。ただ、なぜかアメリカについてから無線LANが切れ始めた、それと電池の充電が出来なくなっていた。色々試してみたけど、まったくパソコンが充電しない、そして電池は0%に、帰りの飛行機は暇だった。日本に戻って、無線LANが切れない方法を発見、そして会社でケーブルをつなげたら、充電もまたし始めた。Lenovoになって、購入した国以外では使えないようになったのか?フー. . .


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