Gray and gritty

December 6, 2005

Perhaps Schar brought the gray grit of Mongolia with him to the S-T-L. Perhaps it originated in the S-T-L. In any case, it was a good, albeit short visit to hang out with DLS and aet after Thanksgiving. Sure, it was slightly nutty to be going West on Saturday when Monday was calling, but when you gotta get yo' Rap Snacks on, you do what you gotta do. You feel me? After hanging out Saturday checking out aet's sweet prints, eating kayak sengwhiches, melting electric tea kettles, and exchanging gifts of art, literature, and Mongolian cashmere and vodka, we hit the city for a brief, but comprehensive tour of the arch and other attractions.

It was a great day for black and white.

Bye, bye Busch. If only it were really Bush.

Heading back down to the landing. I hear a heavy metal drummer...
[img_assist|fid=134|thumb=1|alt=down to the landing]

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