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January 2, 2006

In the last stop on our tour of cities we were born in, C and I paid a visit to Chicago after Christmas to hang out with Jdogg and Gluv and to savor a little taste of the big, big city. We got a sweet room at the Hotel Burnham across the street from Marshall Fields and just down the block from the new Millennium Park. After hitting Berghoff's for lunch (the old institution is closing sadly in February) we took in the Art Institute. I still can't believe I got Jason to pose for this picture:
[img_assist|fid=140|thumb=1|alt=j pose]

Afterwards we walked around Millennium Park. I really liked the LED face fountains even though the water wasn't on.
[img_assist|fid=142|thumb=1|alt=c and g]

The silver bean was also cool, although it is a little ridiculous because everyone has to take a picture of themselves in the reflection. C just took a picture with her mind instead.

The cool part was that they are still working on it, sanding away all the joints in the metal so it is completely smooth.
[img_assist|fid=146|thumb=1|alt=bean sand]

I really dug this shot of the Gehry designed pavilion, juxtaposed with the prairie and the skyscrapers. Very powerful.

After the park, we hustled up to Lincoln Park to check out the new cafe that G's going to be running. 350 seats of flat screen madness, can't wait to see it when it opens. Then we met up with Marco and J's folks and went out to Greek Town. Great food, better wine, fantastic company. After touring the Marshall Fields windows C went to bed and we all had a nightcap at the W hotel's living room. A very chill way to end the day.

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