April 25, 2006

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Flew up to Seattle on Friday evening to meet up with Hans and his fiance Nadia. Last time I met Hans was in Denmark seven years ago, now he's back in Seattle and he's getting married. I went out to see the Mariners play the Tigers, second time at Safeco and second time I've gone there with Mike Whitt. We took the same photo that we took last time we were at Safeco. The Mariners lost again, this time by 2 to nothing. The Mariners made some sweet defensive plays but otherwise were ineffectual on offense. The weather has been great my whole trip here, and the weather was great in San Francisco up until I left, so I must be bringing something good with me. The payback for the goodness has been painful as I lost my wallet at the ballpark with my credit card, cash card and 80 dollars in it (though, I cancelled both cards before anyone used them). Today, I went out to lunch with Hans and Nadia at a Mexican joint in Fremont where they live. My lemonade turned out to be water, so I went back to the soda fountain to get a refill, on my way out, I saw an Indian guy talking to the waitress. As soon as he was done, I started a conversation with him,"Kiran? Remember me? Daisuke Horie, Earlham College." And he remembered me. Funny how two graduates from a small liberal arts Quaker college in Indiana can run into each other on a sunny day in Seattle. Of course I ran into a college professor from the same college at a train station in Nara, Japan, and that is just one of many (overban ran into schar at the train station in Shenzhen and that was the first time they ever met), so Kiran please forgive me for not acting too surprised. Tomorrow, it's back to Japan.

金曜日の晩にシアトルに飛び高校時代の親友の ハンスと彼の婚約者のナディアにあった。最後にハンスにあったのが7年前のデンマークだった、それで彼は今シアトルに戻ってきて、結婚している。マリナーズ対タイガーズを見るためにセーフコーフィールドに違う高校の同級生のマイクと行った。3年前にとった写真をまたとりマリナーズが負けるのをまた見た。イチローが守備で何回かすばらしいプレーを見せたから、満足。雨が多いといやな噂が出来ているシアトルの天気だが、毎日すばらしい晴れ、サンフランシスコも僕がいる間ははれていた(着く前まで41日間連続で雨、たった後も雨らしい)、日ごろの行いがいいのだろう。ただ、試合で財布をなくし、財布に入っていたクレジットカード、銀行のカードと80ドルもとんだ、カードがしようされる前にキャンセルできたから、あまりあせらないし、落ち込みも無い。今日の昼ごはんハンス夫妻と昼ごはんを食べにメキシコ料理を食べに行った。そこでインド人がいたから、話しかけた、「Kiran? 僕だよ、大輔、アーラム大学の」おぼえていたらしい。インディアナ州の小さい大学の卒業生が偶然シアトルで会うのも面白いが、僕はその大学の教授に奈良駅でばったり遭遇したこともあった。とくに驚かなかったけど、リアクションが少なかったのを後で反省する。明日、日本へ戻ります。

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